Botvac Connected with Neato Plugin

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Mon Feb 05, 2024 3:16 pm
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Re: Botvac Connected with Neato Plugin

kmarkley wrote:
Hello everyone. As you probably noticed, I'm not around much these days. I haven't completely stopped maintaining my plugins, but I'm really not staying on top of it either (and don't expect to ).

Sorry about the errors on upgrade. When I first stopped bundling the pybotvac library with the plugin, I thought it would be helpful to throw an error on import telling users they had to install the library themselves. Bad idea in hindsight as it masked other sorts of import issues.

@GennNZ, is it possible to turn your edits into a pull request?

Also happy to accept any volunteer co-maintainers.

Hi - Welcome! Nice to hear from you.

Seems from what I can tell of the messaging that the changes fix the import issues but the neato doesn’t response to commands still? Seems an unusual level of error - eg. connects, communicates somethings but does not action command. If this is the case - again would check the basics of device selection, action group selections etc.etc.

Could try to fork repo, download, edit with pycharm, push and then create a pull - but timeframe for that would be a while. I had just free typed those few changes - so nothing easy to push.

Also doesn’t seem like is functioning on 2023.2?

(my changes for 2023.2 - api 3.4, and requirements file creation and contents - that was it)


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Tue Feb 06, 2024 8:09 am
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Re: Botvac Connected with Neato Plugin

Thanks for both responses.

The positive thing is that there is feedback from the Neato robot to the Plugin.
Like battery status, docking and a message when she (it's not a he) has finished vacuuming:

2024-02-06 14:05:03.142 Neato Botvac "Neato" request status
2024-02-06 14:05:03.665 Neato Botvac Debug "Neato" available commands: {'start': True, 'stop': False, 'pause': False, 'resume': False, 'goToBase': False}
2024-02-06 14:05:03.669 Neato Botvac Debug "Neato" status update complete
2024-02-06 14:05:03.669 Trigger Neato is finished (with a message)

So she only talks one way and doesn't want to listen to commands.
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