Netro Whisperer Plant Sensors

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Mon Mar 20, 2023 5:02 am
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Netro Whisperer Plant Sensors

This is I think a unique product for Netro, and one of the reasons I went with this relatively new product. They are solar powered soil moisture and air temperature ./ humidity sensors that you can place in your flowerbed to monitor the moisture levels in the soil. They can also learn how fast the soil dries out from rain or irrigation to give an indication of the soil type, ie loam, sandy, clay or mixtures, to enable better set up of irrigation programs.

They are $70 and can be used independently of the irrigation controller, so could be used to alongside Rachio controllers, or even stand alone to remind you when you need to manually water.

A 2nd gen version is now on sale which adds a mini USB charging port on the back which is useful for topping up the battery during lower light periods or when it completely discharges . Netro recommend turning them off and bringing them inside over winter so they dont completely drain which can be bad for the battery. I still have some of the first gen versions going but the 2nd gen ones are much better and is reflected in the reviews.

and if you do consider buying any, this is my referral link [url][/url]
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