Netro Irrigation Initial Release

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Mon Mar 20, 2023 4:52 am
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Netro Irrigation Initial Release

The Netro Irrigation plugin is now live in the plugin store. It's a first release concentrating on read only functionality to bring the device status of the irrigation controller and the wireless plant sensors into Indigo (and then onward onto HomeKit if desired - "Hey Siri, what's the humidty of my vegetable beds?"). Also it means the low battery status of the wireless sensors can be seen in the Home app as well, and alerts built into Indigo, and charting can be built of the moisture level in your various beds vs weather and irrigation status.

I will work on the documentation over the coming week and then look to start adding direct control of the controller which should include:

- Toggling controller from stand-by to enable and vice sersa.
- Stopping all watering
- Manual control of watering specific zones
- Updating moisture levels for a specific bed for Netro to then use in its calculation of smart schedules
- Updating weather data from own weather data, ie your own weather station.

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