Gecko Spa Plugin for inTouch 2 Wifi Controllers

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Mon Aug 15, 2022 7:17 pm
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Gecko Spa Plugin for inTouch 2 Wifi Controllers

inTouch Gecko Spa indigoPlugin


This is a Indigo plugin for all Gecko Spa Controllers. (intouch 2 Wifi controllers)

It allows creation of a Spa master device, and all accessory devices (pumps, blowers, lights) and control, triggering based on these values.

It is made possible by the python3 Geckolib here:


1. Install indigoplugin Bundle:

2. Create Indigo new Device - Gecko Spa Main Spa Device:
1. Wait for Plugin to find and connect to your Spa.....
2. Wait until successfully connected - then click edit devices and create Devices..


Plugin will create all Pumps/lights/Blowers/and Eco_mode switch in same Folder as Main Spa Device.


Control Spa items.. On/Off usual triggers

The Main Spa Device has a number, quite a number of states it reports. Most are updated every 60 seconds or so.
(Temperature units... mmm.. not sure ... hopefully these change with your spa settings...)


There are a number of Raw States that the plugin reports - these are added to as received, some may be of use...


A number of Actions are possible including Setting temperature and changing Water Care Modes..


Only 1 Spa in total can be controlled with the approach I have taken. Didn't think there would be too many households with x2 spas....
May be able to refactor - but asyncio adds a few complexities would rather avoid.You can create more than one Main Spa Device - but will only connect to first spa found.

Device controls:
On / Off - at times there can be a refusal to action the command. This means very occasionally your device won't turn on as expected.
The device state will quickly reflect the actual devices states and you will need to try again. (I may be able to fine tune this further - but is fairly infrequent)

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