Paradox Alarm Plugin - Complete rewrite Python 3

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Tue May 10, 2022 7:32 pm
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Paradox Alarm Plugin - Complete rewrite Python 3

Paradox Alarm Plugin

Hi all

Above is an essentially new plugin for integration into Indigo Paradox, Spectra EVO and Magellan Alarm panels, Sensors, states, keypads etc.

Because of Indigo Python 3 upgrade, I could move completely to the paradox/pai library

This updated version uses this library for all communication.

It should enable much broader support for all IP150 connected panels.

Ongoing rewrite:
Currently functioning well:
    Sensor Status
    Alarm control
    PGM Control
    Zone Sensing -- all functioning
    All Device states update appropriately - and best to trigger on device state change currently
Triggering limited functionality.

New functions:
Update time of panel as Action Group :
This gets my vote as most useful - can just push current time to panel, no complicated button pressing in panel needed!)

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