Announcing the Fantastically Useful Weather Utility

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Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:19 pm
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Announcing the Fantastically Useful Weather Utility

Introducing the Fantastically Useful Weather Utility (or Fantastic Weather for short). This is a beta release and there could be a bug here or there. While there could be changes to the construction of the plugin, the structure is loosely based on the the WUnderground plugin and is pretty solid. That said, FUWU is not a direct plug and play replacement for the WUnderground plugin. That the acronym FUWU can also stand for another phrase is entirely (not) coincidental...

The plugin provides several device types:

  • Current Weather
  • Hourly Forecast
  • Daily Forecast
  • Astronomy
  • Radar Image Downloader.

You can download the plugin here.
Instructions for using the plugin can be found at the Fantastic Weather Wiki.

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