Probably a stupid question - how to detect rain? (Tempest)

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Thu Apr 20, 2023 10:26 am
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Probably a stupid question - how to detect rain? (Tempest)

I see the "accumulatedRain_*" but nothing like "Rain status" (i.e. is it raining or not).

The status is available via Tempest native app, but not in the fluent weather and the weather snoop plugin unless I'm missing something.
The station itself can report the rate / status (quite useful):

"Rain Intensity/Rate
Tempest reports the current rain rate as both a qualitative value (none, trace, very light, light, moderate, heavy, very heavy, extreme) and a quantitative value (inches/hour or cm/hour or mm/hour). This current rate is updated every minute."

The workaround could be to check the delta in accumulatedRain_*, but I'm not sure it is the best approach.

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