UNIFI with MFA (2 factor Auth)

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Wed May 15, 2024 10:37 am
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UNIFI with MFA (2 factor Auth)

after enabling MFA on your account.ui.com the regular account will STOP WORKING w/o MFA authorization (= click "yes it is me" on your phone Unifi Verify app every 3 minutes)

you need to setup a new LOCAL account on your unifi local console
- click on the U in the upper left corner
- click on admin & users
- add a new user id and select "restrict to local access" and give it super admin rights
- save / apply
-then in plugin/ config change the userid/passwd to the new userid/password you just created, and restart plugin.

for me that works, although the local admin userid shows "Status" = "Pending" in the unifi console

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