Enable RFID key fob and electric door lock hardware

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Wed Jan 31, 2024 5:30 pm
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Enable RFID key fob and electric door lock hardware

I have a system that uses a Phidgets single board computer to monitor 2 RFID key fob sensors with USB connections to the computer; Inidgo invokes a python script which verifies the key fob. Indigo uses the same single board computer to operate the locks. For some unknown reason, the Indigo event log reports that the Phidgets computer has become "physically disconnected', followed by a message that it is reconnected. When it ' reconnects', Indigo operates the door locks. If it's windy, a small probability risk becomes a lot more dangerous. Furthermore, the Phidgets plug-in is no longer supported.
I need to replace the Phidgets system. Is it possible to connect the RFID sensor with the existing USB cable, and use this to operate the electric locks? Because the system used to work, my guess is that there is nothing wrong with the computer (replacing it did not fix the problem) and that the problem lies with the Phidgets plug-in. But that's just a guess.
One possibility would be to hire a locksmith to install a commercial system - if I were to take this route, is there one that I can connect to Indigo?

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