Sighthound users?

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Thu Jul 30, 2020 1:31 pm
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Sighthound users?

I searched the forums here and it seems there are a few Sighthound users, but their last comments are over a year old.

Anyone currently a user? Happy with it? Concerns? I've tried ZoneMinder and ShinobiCCTV and both have been adventures in bad documentation and head-scratchingly unreliable performance.

SmartThings refugee, so happy to be on Indigo. 10.13.6 on an i5 MBP w/Harmony Hub, Hue, DomoPad, Dynamic URL, Device Extensions, HomeKit Bridge, MatplotLib, Plex, uniFAP, Wunderground, Nanoleaf, LED Simple Effects, Airfoil Pro, Grafana.

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Sat Aug 01, 2020 9:25 am
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Re: Sighthound users?

This was my opinion of Sighthound:

Good stuff:
    Lots of detection options, rules and ways to differentiate what is "detected"
    Small CPU Footprint, especially when compared to Security Spy, VitaminD, etc.
    Easy to set up and use, very user friendly
    Works on a Mac and I have a few of those

Not so good stuff:
    What was detected was wrong.... a lot. So if I asked the software to only send me a notification for a "person" detection, I found about 50% of the "people" were categorized as "unknown" so there was no notification. If I set "unknown" to send notifications, my phone would ping non-stop
    Communication from Sighthound to Indigo is tricky, but possible with the rule editor using the command function (if I'm remember that correctly)
    No communication for indigo to Sighthound. (I wanted to automate detection.... like silence the front yard notifications for 10min after a front yard detection so I don't get 30 notifications while unloading groceries..... not possible with Sighthound)

Questionable Stuff:
    When I was doing a couple trial periods, I continually asked about the API for sighthound so I could better integrate with Indigo, I was never able to obtain it.
    If I had access to the software API and could automate Sighthound from Indigo, I would probably take another crack at it.

My conclusion was all the cool lights, bells and whistles were worthless for me. The accuracy was about 50/50. I needed something that I could automate through Indigo. So I went a different route.


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