Dashboards / Imperihome / General Dashboard discussion

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Thu Jul 30, 2020 1:56 am
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Dashboards / Imperihome / General Dashboard discussion

With the impending death of Imperihome which I had been using as a bit of a lazy man's dashboard as it had a lot of the built in integrations for the DIY HA enthusiast I am looking at next options.

While I was using control pages purely to create some buttons/indigo interaction and then just inserting them into Imperihome grid layout (much like an iframe) I have always been looking for something a bit more elegant a bit like Home Assistant's dashboard highly configurable dashboard or ActionTiles etc. My thought was maybe I could just get some really need graphic work done over on Fiverr and then use it as a background then lay the buttons as needed over the top then go in and edit the HTML and throw in my own iFrames to bring in the other things I had previously been doing e.g. Weather, Security cams etc. Then I realised that will likely not work as per thread below;

Next thought was as per thread above go back to the previous technique I was using so get the graphics made up, slice them up and make them html and then inject the other pages and indigo control pages as well also as iframes. It will likely be a bit more laggy in response but is the best solution I can think of currently?

What is everyone else doign for dashboards and really solid looking interfaces?


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