ZW100 Temperature calibration adjustment

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Sun May 17, 2020 12:05 pm
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ZW100 Temperature calibration adjustment

Can anyone tell me if I am doing tis correctly.

I need to decrease the calibration temp of my Z100 by 1.0 fahrenheit

Go to Interfaces,
modify config parameter

Choose device
PSet arameter Index 201 (this is for temperature)
Set Param size 2 byte
Param value enter: 0xF602 (256-10 = 246. Converted to hex = 00F6, 02 is for fahrenheit)

Hit Save New value

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Mon May 18, 2020 4:27 pm
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Re: ZW100 Temperature calibration adjustment

Based on the ZW100 docs I think F602 is correct for a -1.0°F delta, but Indigo wants a decimal number for the parameter value so use -2558 (online calculator here).

As a side rant not targeted to you, I hate it when modules use a single parameter for multiple purposes like this (offset and °F/°C selection). It prevents us from providing UI for the parameter since it requires custom coding (we cannot use a normal device definition) and it makes it more difficult for users to hand calculate the values like this case.


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