Plans for future version

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Wed May 13, 2020 2:51 pm
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Plans for future version

Hi all,

Now the second release is published that optimises the API calls and addresses an issue when daily comparisons were based on UTC/GMT not BST I can start to consider future versions. On my feature list are :-

- Consumption Devices for Electricity that will show actual consumption from the previous day. I can also provide daily, weekly and monthly actual usage charge options, more to follow when I get my API key.

- A device that shows the currently applicable rate that applies for energy exports ( ) that works in a similar way to the supply rate in it is based on the actual wholesale rate during the period. It is not the same rate as weightings are applied to the supply rates during the evening peak. Watch this space but it looks viable using the same approach. Thanks to Peter for the heads up. I know have access to the forum that would have been helpful earlier (and makes me feel less stupid about the timezone handling, as it is a common issue).

- Some kind of notification mechanism that could be pushed via pushover or similar to warn / encourage those in the household to shape consumption on devices that cannot be automated

I have approach Phil Steele (Octopus' Future Technology Evangelist) who is very responsive and is keen to know more around some of our use cases. I will also publicise the capability on their forum as many people are looking to achieve what Pete has been able to do with his PowerWall. Other approaches seems a little crude and heath robinson relative to the breadth of EV's, energy devices and capabilities that Indigo can support. Maybe we can bring some new UK Indigo users on board.

It has been a fun learning experience, and thanks for those people who have helped on the journey. Let me know if you have any new requirements.

If you do switch then please consider using my referral code of which will give you a £50 credit to your account, and the same to me which I will donate to charity.

Next on my plugin wish-list is control for my wifi capable Bosch tumble dryer so I can ensure it is only used when the rates are low. My I-Pace plugin is also still available, but working and stable for my use case. I will get the documentation finished and published just in case it is useful to more than just me.


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