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Fri May 08, 2020 4:47 am
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EnergyLink plugin

Introducing the EnergyLink plugin
This plugin is currently in development to allow users to track cross-platform energy use and comparing current energy tariff versus others on the market that you're interested in.

To quote an email I sent to DaveL17:
I’m building an EnergyLink plugin that does two things.

1) Pulls together disparate energy monitoring such as my NetworkOwl, the Octopus Agile plugin, and Nissan Leaf charging, and

2) provides tariff comparison based on your live data (taken from all the above) and also statically entered tariffs and bills (for suppliers that don’t have API) to let you see whether to switch supplier/tariff, similar to uSwitch, GoCompare or CompareTheMeerkats in the UK (and I’m sure there’s others internationally).

It will be input-agnostic so if you’ve a BMW electric car, Nissan battery storage, Norwegian solar panels, US electric supply and Australian Gas supply, it will display and calculate all together.

I was going round in circles trying to compare all this data in various places, including new tariff's i'm looking at online so I want to bring it all together into one place with device state, log, CSV and graphing support. (I won't be doing the graphs, i'll be facilitating Dave's MatPlot plugin by providing all the data in the right place/format)

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Not yet available.



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