Configuring HomeManager to use HKB's "instance"

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Wed Feb 05, 2020 3:44 pm
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Configuring HomeManager to use HKB's "instance"

I'm giving HomeManager a try, and hopeful as I was, at its setup it asks me for some details that I don't know how to fill out:

In the App Connection setup, I choose MacOS, because that's obvious. But then it asks:

Instance Name. "The name of the service or agent."
I'm unsure if this is arbitrary or has to match something in HKB.

Instance path "The path leading to the instance directory where the configuration file is located, eg /var/homebridge"
I *THINK* this is the config.json file inside com.eps.indigoplugin.homekit-bridge, but there are multiple ones in there, and multiple versions of the same one when I open up any of them. Backups? How do I know which one?

Anyone have an idea? This software looks very powerful, and gives me some hope of getting things like homebridge-camera working independently of HKB.

Maybe HKB isn't really a typical MacOS install of HomeBridge and I should use the custom setup, but then there are even more config parameters I'll need.


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Thu Feb 27, 2020 7:47 pm
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Re: Configuring HomeManager to use HKB's "instance"

Just some guesses here...

For instance name I would try "HomeKit Bridge" (or the name that identifies the Homekit Bridge in your Home App under "Hubs and Bridges".

For instance path I believe you are correct, it should be the config.json under /Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 7.4/Preferences/Plugins/com.eps.indigoplugin.homekit-bridge/

You may find several directories with different numbers in there. Just list them using "ls -l" and find the latest one. I am not sure what to do if you have one or more config.json file in the latest directory (mine has only one). This may still not work because as you said in your post HKB is not a typical install of homebridge, so you may need to go the custom route. It is a lot easier now that they have a web based GUI.

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