iPhone up/down state not updating?

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Sun Dec 15, 2019 2:33 pm
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iPhone up/down state not updating?

Hey Karl -

Hope you're well. It's been a while!

I may be overlooking something obvious as I don't see anyone posting this Q before but cannot figure out where things go wrong in this simple case:
- I use your uniFi Wifi AP plugin to detect presence, by checking the up/down state of the iPhones of myself, my wife and daughter.
For each phone, iI use these settings:
- which info to be used for status updates: "WiFi"
- pick one method: "FastDown"
All three phones are part of Group 0.

The down change however is not reliable if I'm leaving the house and the phone loses the Wifi signal as a result. The plug-in is showing the device as Up, despite it being gone. However, I cannot ping it manually (obviously) and in the uniFy control interface, the device is no longer connected.
When I manually switch off the phone's WiFi (rather than leaving the house and the phone losing the signal), the down change is always detected correctly.

Things I checked & tried:
- Reload the plugin with the device disconnected - it still shows as Up in Indigo
- Checked the device status in the uniFi GUI: it shows as disconnected there

I use the latest (v7.26.168) version of the plugin.
Running a uniFi network with two switches (Switch 8 POE-60W & Switch 8) and 2 AP's (1x AP-AC-Pro & 1x AP-AC-LR)
uniFi AP firmware, Cloud Controller 5.12.35-12979-1

Any suggestions as to where to trouble-shoot next, or a better way to reliably detect that our iphones left the house?

Many thanks,

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Sun Dec 15, 2019 6:08 pm
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Re: iPhone up/down state not updating?

the fast down ONLY works for devices that say actively good bye then the AP logs token: disassociated in its logfile
eg when you switch wifi on and then off it should happen,
When you just walk away the iPhone does not say good bye, but just disappears. Then the expirations set in

the Fast down waits for an active "disassociated" message to go down, should not have any expiration timer and if no "disassociated" gets logged it should never go down

this is meant for switches where you can enable / disable wifi

so use "optimized" that seems to works best for iPhones, when you walk away BUT it will take "expiration time" to go down (+ frequency of updates)


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