Temp Sensor Display in Indigo UI

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Sun Apr 07, 2019 10:22 am
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Temp Sensor Display in Indigo UI

Can anyone explain why some Temp Sensors have a colour (color for US members) and others do not?

Such as :-

Temp Sensor - Indigo Display.jpeg
Temp Sensor - Indigo Display.jpeg (60.07 KiB) Viewed 262 times

Not an issue just like to understand.

Placed here because this involved Indigo UI, RFXCOM, ZWave and Hue plugins/interfaces.

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Sun Apr 07, 2019 12:26 pm
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Re: Temp Sensor Display in Indigo UI

It depends on how the plugin is implemented. It can choose which image selector is used, and there are two for temperature sensors: TemperatureSensor (black and white) TemperatureSensorOn (colored/red). How or when they use either one is up to them. The Z-Wave implementation always uses the black and white one, but I have on my ToDo list to have it use the colored one if the module has a temperature sensor that includes alert threshold values (for freeze detection, etc.) when it crosses the threshold into the alert state. It doesn't currently do that, however. It looks like the RFXCOM plugin probably always uses the colorized version. For consistency maybe it shouldn't but I don't believe we've ever issued guidance/recommendations on that.


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