How do I control insteon dimmer from a rotary dimmer/indigo?

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Sat Mar 16, 2019 9:02 pm
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How do I control insteon dimmer from a rotary dimmer/indigo?

Here's what I'm trying to do (I'm nuts, I know!?!):

I want to modify my range hood so the lights can be both be dimmed locally and via indigo.

So if I'm cooking and need to turn lights up I can just go to the rotary knob in the hood BUT I can also control the dimmer via Indigo.

I guess what I'm asking is - is there a way to add a second rotary control to a dimmer?

Not sure if this makes sense but any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:18 am
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Re: How do I control insteon dimmer from a rotary dimmer/ind

So this could be done but would be complicated.

In short, you have power coming into your range hood, and it goes to your rotary control, and then onto the light.

Power from Breaker Box------->Current Rotary Control----->Light bulb

You'd need to somehow insert a dimmer module somewhere that Indigo could control. If you were to insert the module in front of your local rotary switch,

Power from Breaker Box----->Indigo Controlled Dimmer Module---->Current Rotary Control----->Light Bulb

if the Indigo module was turned off, then no matter what you do with the rotary control, nothing will happen. Likewise, if the Indigo module was turned on, but the rotary switch was off, Indigo won't be able to turn it on.

Likewise, if you insert the module between your rotary control and the light,

Power From Breaker Box---->Current Rotary Control----->Indigo Controlled Dimmer Module----->Light Bulb

with the rotary control turned off, there is no power for the dimmer to operate, not to mention that dimmer modules don't work with dimmers in his setup. You'll basically cause the dimmer module to burn up wired up this way. Don't Do This!!

The only real option I can think of would be to wire in one of these: ... odule.html

This module would connect directly to your power source coming into the hood, and directly to the light.

Power from Breaker Box----->Insteon 2422-222----->Light Bulb

This module could be controlled via Indigo, but you'd also need an Insteon Modem to make that work. Those little black and yellow wires could then be connected to a new switch that would replace your rotary one... basically a push button type of switch. Press it once, and the light will ramp up to a certain brightness... press it again, and it would dim all the way down to off. Regardless of the status of the dimmer (on, off, dimmed) both the local control and Indigo could change it from whatever sate it is in, to the state you want it to be in.

The real problem I foresee is managing to find the right kind of switch to replace your rotary one that will fit into the same space as your present switch, and have the electrical characteristics that you need to make the dimmer work locally. Not impossible, but not necessarily for the faint at heart.

Good Luck!

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