Fibaro Smart Implant

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Wed Oct 23, 2019 4:47 pm
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Re: Fibaro Smart Implant

Right, 2 hours of testing later...

I've sent Matt a full 300 line debug file with running commentary.

In brief, the Smart Implant is doing exactly what we thought.

NO / NC inputs are sending Home Security reports when opened/closed or vice-versa, which Indigo is currently ignoring. Therefore the Binary IN1/IN2 inputs never change state in the UI.

Push Buttons (and Toggle Buttons) are sending Central Scene 1 or 2 (for button 1 or 2) to IN1 (always IN1). They have a key states of Tapped, Double-Tapped, Triple-Tapped, Held or Released. If you configure Param 40/41 ("Input 1 scene sending:") to Single & Double Tap, then you will only receive Single and Double Tapped notifications - you won't get Triple or Held notifications. If you configure it to Single Tap, you will equally only get Single Tap notifications. If you configure it to All Scenes, you will get all varieties of Single, Double, Triple, Held and Released.

Regardless of P20/P21 setting ("Input 1/2 Type:") the internal relay still fires by default whenever you press a button, and thus sends Binary Reports which change the UI state for the relays.

McJohn, I'm seeing no delays with firing commands on NO/NC. If your detection beam is NO and goes Closed you will instantly see the 71 05 .... 07 02 in the log. I've created a trigger on Binary IN1 with:

* 0x71 0x05 * 0x07 0x02 * and it works instantly.

You will never get Scenes sent when you have NO/NC configured, so you can't use "Button 1 pressed" etc, which I think you've already understood.

You DO get a 3 second delay when set to "Push Button" and "Held Down/Released" because by the nature of "Held down" it has to wait internally to realise whether you're holding the button down, or just have slow motor control in your hands/arms and are trying to tap or double-tap with it.


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Wed Oct 23, 2019 7:57 pm
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Re: Fibaro Smart Implant

GlennNZ wrote:
Another Smart Implant - another model ID.

We'll make sure that one gets added.


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Mon Oct 28, 2019 4:36 am
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Re: Fibaro Smart Implant

Thanks for your report and time Peter.

For now it's working with the code * 0x71 0x05 * 0x07 0x02 * at "Any Device" Trigger.
Does it work at your site with only the selected Smart Implant device?

And what are your experiences with the temperature sensor?


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Fri Nov 01, 2019 5:11 am
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Re: Fibaro Smart Implant

This is a great device. And thanks for the support in Indigo. I can now add my 0-10v lux and wind sensor to my Indigo system.

It only does not seems to update value changes. Changed the parameters but no luck......Any suggestions.. ... t-599.html

Servodan Lichtsensor 24VDC/0-10V 4 ranges 3..60K lux ip20 - 43-197

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