Easy way to turn on/off cameras in HKB?

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Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:57 am
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Easy way to turn on/off cameras in HKB?

First let me say how much I appreciate this plugin. Its really given me several new options to control various things in the house if I'm home or away. Thanks C4W.

Now to the question at hand. I've got several (8) cameras in the house. I use Security Spy to control the cameras and the Security Spy plug in in Indigo. Some cover the inside and some the outside. There are times that I don't want the inside cameras on, or at least not viewable, through HomeKit. Wondering if there is a simple way to enable/disable specific cameras or groups of cameras with this set-up. Right now my solution is to simply turn off the HKB "device" that I've used for all the cameras. That works but leaves HomeKit reporting "x devices not responding". I can live with that but would prefer a more elegant solution.

Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place and should instead be using the security spy plugin for this control??? Hmmmm....

Suggestions are welcome.

Running Indigo 7.4 on a 27" iMac (mid-2017), 40G memory, 1T Fusion Drive, OS X 10.15.1

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