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Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:42 pm
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Re: Old sPice

My rPi NTP server is running well. Now, it will also auto mount attached USB media, and make that available using Samba. The idea is to replace the Airport Extreme that I currently use to host a USB Drobo. Will save space and should provide a bit of energy savings to boot. I've added a 480x320 3.5" TFT Color Touchscreen hat in place of the tiny OLED because, why not?

I played around with a Raspbian GUI with the intent of running a kiosk web browser for Indigo control pages but decided that wasn't going to be totally green (loads way too many unneeded resources). Instead, I think I'm going to follow Pete's lead (see this post referenced above.) So I've ordered another Pi (model B+) for that.

Since I was ordering the B+, I might as well throw in a Pi Zero because, hey, it was only $5. How can you not buy one for $5? I don't even know what I'm going to use it for.

Thus continues my descent into madness.

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