Use color picker UI for a plugin MenuItem?

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Mon Oct 15, 2018 7:45 am
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Use color picker UI for a plugin MenuItem?

I am in the process of enhancing a plugin to control Sylvania Osram color changing bulbs. My goal is to allow creation of simple 'scenes' that can change the colors of the bulbs - for example, allow someone to create a scene for 'Christmas' or 'Halloween'.

I'd like to be able to allow definition of the 'Scenes' by a user, such that it can be re-used by any of the color changing bulbs. I can create my own crude interface with textFields for RGB values. However, I thought it'd be better to have something like the 'Color Controls' that are available as device controls for color changing lights.. Is it possible to use the 'Color Controls' in a plugin MenuItem?

thanks in advance!

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Sun Dec 09, 2018 4:19 pm
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Re: Use color picker UI for a plugin MenuItem?

I am very interested in this plug-in. I have a number of HUE lights, and recently bought some Osram lights because they were cheaper, but also there are bulb types not available for HUE. Unfortunately, the bulbs sold in the US, apparently aren't compatible with HUE. But if I can define them in Indigo using the Osram hub for my Indigo system it won't matter that the HUE bridge doesn't see them.

Is your plug-in available for testing? I assume in addition to the scenes you're talking about, it would support basic functions like on, off, dim, bright etc.


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