combining AC backup devices

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Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:33 am
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Re: combining AC backup devices

That’s why we don’t have a basement.

But we also had a 3 day power outage in the middle of dallas in winter.

Ice storm knock over trees and power lines...

E Crew can said first trees need to be cleared
Wait one day
Next crew clear out trees
Wait one day
E crew can back and said wrong cable
Wait one day
E crew came back and fixed

Now all trees next to the power lines are cut short.

Any I now have > 1 hour of standby power for the core systems:
Apc1500 w apc extra battery for Mac Pro
Apc 1500 for att finer Modem and att router and Uga gateway
Apc 1500 for ubnt 24 Port switch and some smaller stuff ip-phone gw...
And most local switch ( in the other rooms) and WiFi ap has a smaller apc

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