Gate control (again)

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Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:27 pm
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Gate control (again)

A few years ago I posted a topic about interfacing a GiBiDi gate controller to Indigo. There were no responses. I eventually kludged together a means of detecting gate open and closing events and that was that. However, I have now replaced my old controller with a new model (GiBiDi BA230) and have a possible new option.

There is a controller output that provides 24vdc according to the following pattern
    Gate State - Voltage
    Closed - 0vdc
    Opening - 24vdc pulsed at 1Hz
    Open - 24vdc (steady)
    Closing - 24vdc pulsed at 2Hz
The gate takes around 20 seconds to open or close and I would like to detect the state as quickly as possible each time it changes. I can hook a relay up to the output so I can have dry contacts, or any control voltage I want.


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