Any way to show CCTV Image if Door is open?

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Sat Aug 11, 2018 6:52 am
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Any way to show CCTV Image if Door is open?

Looking to do a few re-designs to my control pages and wondering if it's possible to only show a refreshing CCTV image if a device is open / motion is triggered?

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Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:54 am
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Re: Any way to show CCTV Image if Door is open?

You can do this with DomoPad. You can also do this with the Refreshing URL plugin, but you can't not have an image placeholder on the page that shows the image when appropriate. In other words, that page always will show SOMETHING, or at least a blank area, but can show what you want based on triggers.

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Tue Oct 16, 2018 4:02 pm
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Re: Any way to show CCTV Image if Door is open?

I'm using the domo-pad approach and the iOS approach for this.... (Prefer the domo-pad way of sending a control page to a device.)

For the iOS method... I have a "CCTV" Control page that is always on.
Triggers (motion detectors, door sensors, etc) will run a script that will capture a still image at the time the trigger is taken
Each trigger uses a condition that is based on a variable (Inside / Outside / All). When the kids are home, I will leave it on (outside). A button on the control page will update the variable to "outside" then only triggers that fire under that condition will execute. (So outside motion image won't be trumped by the kids that scramble around in the living room)
Each trigger does a few things...
1) run a script to capture the image and place it in a folder labeled "R.jpg". <- for "Rotating" picture
2) updates a "R_Image_Text" variable. This will place text over the image on the control page so I know why the image came up (helpful if there are multiple sensors over the same camera (Camera motion, motion detector, door sensor, doorbell, etc.)... I like to know why the image just popped up.
3) Restart a "No-Activity" timer. The timer will display on the control page and will limit the image to 3 minutes.

Lastly, there is a "No-Activity" trigger that fires when the timer expires. This takes a snapshot of a security control page (status of doors, windows, alarm, light groups, etc), and saves the url as "R.jpg" in the same folder. That trigger also has the other actions (updates the text variable to "No-Activity" and restarts the timer.)

This way, after 3 minutes, if nothing happens, I'm looking at something useful.

The above is a bear of a workaround compared to the ease of sending a control page to a domo-pad device.... but if your like me and have a boatload of iPads laying around... it works.

On preference to this approach over pushing a live refreshing image.... sometimes when you get around to looking up at the new page with the refreshing image... whatever triggered the action has moved out of view. With the snapshot to variable long bear of a route, the image is paused at the time of the event for however long of a dwell time you have with the triggering device.

Hope that makes sense.

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