Smart extractor fan

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Tue Jul 31, 2018 5:17 am
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Smart extractor fan

After realising that the utility room extractor fan had broken and the dryer was causing a lot of very hot and humid air to accumulate at ceiling level, which is also where my server rack is, I have been looking at how to best vent out the hot and humid air.
I discovered by climbing up a ladder to resolve a wiring issue and it was like climbing up into a sauna. Must have been a 10 degree temp differential at 3m compared to 1.75m.

After looking at powerful fans with separate humidistat controller or buying zwave humidity sensor and relay I soon found myself looking at well over £100.

Then I found this.

Vent-Axia 409802 Lo-Carbon Svara, 230 V, 100 mm, white ... yBb7F5D114

Anyone got any experience of it? Clearly not going to integrate into indigo but if it works I don't really care. Low power and can not only be triggered by humidity and light and time, it can vary speed too. So it gives trickle ventilation and purge ventilation. A relay controlled normal fan I don't think could. (Could you attach a dimmer to that sort of motor?)

Seems to get good reviews, fingers crossed it works as advertised.

Added bonus that along with features is only 4W Vs 20W for lots of fans, and has very high extraction rate for it's size.

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