Pre-release version 7.1.0

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Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:46 pm
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Pre-release version 7.1.0 ... /tag/7.1.0

This is a pre-release version of a major rewrite of the plugin. This new version provides:

Battery level support for Oregon and Visonic devices.
Fault Detection for Visonic devices.
On/Off support for X10 and Parrot devices using the standard Indigo UI.
Menu action to write discovered device information to Indigo log.

Existing devices may need to be edited or recreated with this plugin version. If your existing plugin devices fail to start up properly, please enable debug mode and post error messages here.

Please use the new menu action to write the known (discovered) device information to the log, and post that information here. That will let me add support for more devices.

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