LIFX Controller (5.0.7) Information

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Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:19 am
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LIFX Controller (5.0.7) Information

I am pleased to announce that Version 5.0.7 of the LIFX Controller is now available on Github for download.

Note: I have changed the name of the plugin to just plain LIFX (no trailing version number) - This means the Plugin Update from the LIFX plugin menu will throw an error as it is expecting to find LIFX4. So, just download the plugin zip from the Releases page, unzip (just click the downloaded file) and then double click the plugin to install. Apologies for the inconvenience. :)

This version contains the following changes:
  • Discovery - Re-worked and improved Discovery and No Ack processing
  • New Action - Brighten / Dim By Timer
  • Support for New LIFX devices - Includes: LIFX Z 2, LIFX Downlight, LIFX Mini, LIFX Mini White, LIFX Mini Day and Dusk, LIFX GU10 etc.
  • Documentation - Updated the documentation and moved to Wiki along with change information which is also now in Wiki

Just to put a bit more detail on the above: Discovery should now be a lot more robust. Once a LIFX device has been discovered, the plugin remembers that and even if the LIFX device goes no ack then the plugin doesn't need to do another discovery and should be able to recover the situation if the no ack is of a transient nature. The plugin will now show an error when a command has failed to be acknowledged by a LIFX device and will probably recover at the next poll interval. It is suggested that a shorter poll interval of say 5-10 seconds will aid a speedy recovery. :)

The new Brighten / Dim by Timer action enables you to brighten or dim a LIFX device using a push switch that only tells indigo when it has been pushed on and when it has been released (e.g. Insteon). This isn't normally required for Z-Wave switches as they tell Indigo not only when they have been pushed and released but also that they are being held down.

The documentation has now been moved to its proper place - the Github Wiki

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my BETA testers who provided invaluable feedback for this new version - thanks all for your efforts. :)

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