Getting info from non Homebridge HomeKit devices to Indigo

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Mon Aug 14, 2017 10:22 am
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Getting info from non Homebridge HomeKit devices to Indigo

Probably not possible, but I'll ask anyway... I have a thermostat (Tado) that now connects to HomeKit and shows temperature information in HomeKit. I would like to pull that information into Indigo. Any thoughts on how?

Previously I managed to scrape information from the Tado API into Indigo (and C4W wrote a simple plugin that helped too) but the Tado API has changed and I am struggling to get the scraping to work...

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Mon Aug 14, 2017 11:08 am
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Re: Getting info from non Homebridge HomeKit devices to Indi

This probably depends on how tedious a set of HK automations you're willing to build.

If you only have a couple of thresholds for action, it won't be too bad. But I THINK the following will work:

Create an Action Group in Indigo, called, for example, Above 85 Degrees.
Make that Action Group tell the rest of Indigo that the Tado says it's above 85 degrees.
Make sure HomeBridge is "publishing" the Above 85 Degrees action to HomeKit.
In the Home app, create an automation that watches the Tado and turns on Above 85 degrees when it's... above 85 degrees.

This gets rough if you really want to know the actual temp, instead of just the set points for things to happen.

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