Amazon Alexa Show - Anyone working on Skill for SecuritySpy?

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Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:16 pm
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Amazon Alexa Show - Anyone working on Skill for SecuritySpy?

The new Amazon Echo Show with a built-in 7" screen has shipped and Amazon has published a developer API (Amazon Skill) for integrating video feeds from IP Cameras.

At the initial release, several video doorbell and security camera vendors have released skills for their products.

I own an Amcrest IP Cam and they have released a skill which I have configured and tested - works great.

The Amcrest skill requires that you sign-up for the Amcrest cloud service and configure your Amcrest camera to use their cloud. The free service tier only allows 2 hours per month of live video streaming. Enough for testing, but not enough for practical use.

Obviously, one of the reasons many of us choose SecuritySpy is to have full control over our video streams without the cost (and concerns) of using paid cloud service.

I've haven't looked into the technical details, but my guess it that anyone with decent javascript, node.js, and Amazon AWS/Lamda skills should be able to build an Amazon skill to interface with SecuritySpy.

I believe the Amazon API supports both local URL video feed (where the Amazon Show device and the video source are on the same LAN) and some method of also using a remote video feed.

I think the local video feed support should be doable; the remote feed might require having one's own cloud server or proxy service, so that might be bigger task.

Anyone looking into this?
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