Worx Landroid Mower M1000i WG796E.1 integration

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Sun May 07, 2017 2:28 am
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Worx Landroid Mower M1000i WG796E.1 integration

Hi @ all,

I bought a Worx Landroid mower and have access with my browser.
As I couldn't´t find any post about the mower, maybe somebody can help me to integrate it to Indigo 7.
What I´ve found so far is, that some people integrate it to openhab, homeassistant and FHEM.

As I´m not fimilar with coding, maybe somebody can give me an advice how to do it or is willing to make a script or a plugin.
Below are the Files I´ve found on GitHub and the site I can log into the mower.

https://github.com/openhab/openhab1-add ... x-Landroid

Below are the sites I can log in.

The login for the Livelog page is: admin:<PIN>@<IP>/debugPage.html
The login for the Logging page is: admin:<PIN>@<IP>/log.html
The login for the jsondata is: admin:<PIN>@<IP>/jsondata.cgi

The target is to have variables in Indigo to see if the lower is mowing, charging, stops because of rain/error, see the mowing/charging time, status of the battery ....
and to start the mowing manually, and to send it manually home.

IF you need more informations please let me know.

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