IP Network Comm, Protocols, Monitoring, Management (16)

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Wed Feb 22, 2017 5:47 pm
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IP Network Comm, Protocols, Monitoring, Management (16)

The list below has been replaced by this category on the Indigo Plugin Store. While most plugins have been moved over to the new Plugin Store, some have not yet so we are keeping the list below available.

These plugins implement some kind of IP-based network service. Some are general protocols (http, ftp, xmpp), others monitor networking hardware or manage network services.

PluginWhere to get
Amazon SNS Client PluginForum user vtmikel
ChatbotForum user gazally
Cynical NetworkForum user Perry the Cynic
Dreamhost DDNSForum user kmarkley
External IP & DyDNS UpdaterForum user bschollnick2
FTPForum user FlyingDiver
HTTPdForum user FlyingDiver
Apache Kafka ProducerForum user smurfless1
Online SensorForum user kmarkley
Ping PluginForum user smurfless1
RedirectionForum user bschollnick2
Sipura LinkSys Cisco SPA VOIP PluginForum user GlennNZ
SSH SwitchForum user kwijibo007
TR 64 - Router MonitorForum user ben-p
uniFi Wifi APForum user kw123
XMPP ClientForum user jheddings

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