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Sun Dec 24, 2017 4:19 am
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Re: Fibaro KeyFob

I am new to Z-Wave so I don't really know what I'm doing. But I have managed to install Indigo 7.1.1 and include 3 Fibaro Dimmer 2, and these work perfectly. The only problem is with the Fibaro Keyfob. I can get it included in Indigo, but only as a "Basic Wall Controller". So I don't have any way of configuring the buttons.

Here is the log from the controller inclusion:

Code: Select all
19 Dec 2017, 20:57:59
   Z-Wave                          stopping controller inclusion mode
   Z-Wave                          stopped controller inclusion mode
   Z-Wave                          started controller inclusion mode with encryption
   Z-Wave                          controller included module: 006 - Basic Wall Controller
   Z-Wave                          querying module for encryption support
   Z-Wave                          starting encryption key exchange with module
   Z-Wave                          completed encryption key exchange with module
   Z-Wave                          stopped controller inclusion mode
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - started for "006 - Basic Wall Controller"
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved module neighbors list: 3, 4
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - assigning return route to "006 - Basic Wall Controller"
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - assigned return route
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved manufacture and model names: Fibaro System - 010F, Keyfob (FGKF601) - 10011000
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved protocol version 4.38, app version 3.02
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved class hierarchy: Routing Slave : Wall Controller : Basic Wall Controller (04 : 18 : 01, base 00)
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved command classes: 80v1 84v2 85v1 86v1 8Ev1 56v1 98v1 59v1 5Av1 5Bv1 5Ev1 20v1 22v1 70v1 72v1 73v1 75v1 7Av1
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved encrypt commands: 84 85 86 8E 70 72 75 5A 5B
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved capabilities: routing, battery, beaming, security, waking
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved wake interval of 0 minutes
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - device "006 - Basic Wall Controller" wake interval changed to 60 minutes
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved group 1 associations: []
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved group 2 associations: []
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved group 3 associations: []
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved group 4 associations: []
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved group 5 associations: []
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved group 6 associations: []
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved group 7 associations: []
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved group 8 associations: []
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved group 9 associations: []
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved group 10 associations: []
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved group 11 associations: []
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved group 12 associations: []
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved group 13 associations: []
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - added group 1 association to interface
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - retrieved battery level of 100%
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - created device "006 - Keyfob (FGKF601)"
   Z-Wave                          Syncing - complete

So it seems like my model of the Keyfob is not recognized by Indigo 7.1.1. I also tried the link to the z-wave library earlier in this thread, but I get an Access Denied error.

Does anyone have any ideas? All help greatly appreciated!


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Sun Dec 24, 2017 4:49 am
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Re: Fibaro KeyFob

Hi Anders.

Just as an aside, you shouldn’t try links to old Zwave libraries later down the line; they’re test versions for folk to test whilst Matt/Jay roll them into a full update.

Although I don’t have a Keyfob, that log looks ok to me. Are you seeing anything in Log when you press buttons?

To react to button presses, you need a Trigger on “Zwave Command Received” > Keyfob > Button 2 Double Clicked, for example.

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Sun Dec 24, 2017 1:15 pm
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Re: Fibaro KeyFob

howartp is correct – it looks good to me too. Indigo is recognizing it as a FGKF601:

Z-Wave Syncing - retrieved manufacture and model names: Fibaro System - 010F, Keyfob (FGKF601) - 10011000

You just have to create the triggers to catch the button presses (and then define what action(s) you want to occur).


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Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:26 pm
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Re: Fibaro KeyFob

Aha! Thanks a bunch!
I was expecting to see some button options when I double clicked the device, but now I get it. I have set up my Keyfob to dim/brighten and it works as expected when my computer is running with the Aeotec Z-stick. It doesn't work when the computer is off. Is it possible to configure the Keyfob to send commands directly to each dimmer, so that it also works when Indigo is not running? I will probably setup a server of some kind later, but I only have a macbook for now.

Another question, it doesn't look like Indigo is receiving double clicks or triple clicks, only consecutive clicks. Is this as expected, or is it something I need to configure?

Thanks again for helping!


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Sun Dec 24, 2017 4:58 pm
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Re: Fibaro KeyFob

Zwave, and indeed Indigo, is primarily designed to be always on so you’ll lose loads of functionality if you bypass that.

You can use associations between devices if they support them, such that eg a motion sensor turns on a light directly as well as informing Indigo.

Re double clicks, there’s a discussion on that earlier in this thread.


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