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Plugin Information

This plugin allows remote monitoring of servers and network services. Until recently, I have only used this plugin at home rather than making it available. This is mostly due to the fact that it was pretty specific to my setup, but also because I had not been able to test it thoroughly enough. I've spent a bit more time making it general purpose and adding the necessary tests, so hopefully others will find this useful. Please report any issues in the forum.

For the developers in the room, I would also be interested in any feedback you have on the implementation. Especially as it relates to connecting to remote systems and supporting multiple device types.

Here are a couple of example uses for this plugin:

Internet Monitoring

To monitor my internet connection, I've set up a Network Service configured to use address and port 53 (this is Google's DNS server). As long as the connection is active, this device reports "Available." To take this further, I have a trigger set to reboot my internet router when the connection goes down. And if things get really desperate, I have the router attached to an appliance module that will turn off the network gear and auto-on after 10 seconds.

Computer Monitoring

I've created a few SSH Server devices to keep an eye on computers at home. Most of these are Mac computers, so all it takes is to enable Remote Login under the System Preferences. The status command on a Mac is different from standard Linux distributions, so I manually set it to "/usr/bin/true". Each of these devices are added to an Action Group called "Shutdown Systems." This group is triggered during severe weather to avoid power failures. In practice, this trigger is disabled unless I am away from home for an extended period of time. The action group is also available using Indigo Touch, which makes a convenient way to power off computers either at or away from home.

In the future, I hope to add macOS Server and Telnet Server objects.

For more detailed information, please refer to the README.
To keep up to date with the latest changes, browse the Source Code.
To view all releases of this plugin, visit the Releases page.

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