Include a virtual on/off device within a virtual group devic

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Fri Apr 22, 2016 6:59 am
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Include a virtual on/off device within a virtual group devic

I have a virtual group device containing all my door and window sensors. This makes is really easy to check whether everything is closed and locked when it should be. I also have a variable which tracks whether the back door is locked (vs, open/closed, which is tracked by a Z wave door sensor). I'll ignore for now how that variable gets updated because it's not significant here.

At the moment whenever I check everything's closed and locked, I have to check both the virtual group device and the variable. Since I do that in quite a few different places I thought "I could simplify that check" so I created a virtual on/off device for the back door lock, then created action groups to control it turning on,off and toggling. So far so good, all works fine. Then I went to include that virtual on/off device within the virtual group device (which was my cunning simplification, see?). No dice. The virtual on/off device, despite clearly being an on/off device, doesn't show up in the list of possible on/off devices when editing a virtual group device.

Is this by design? Any chance this could be changed?


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Fri Apr 22, 2016 9:12 am
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Re: Include a virtual on/off device within a virtual group d

This is by design - the problem is that it could create some very interesting, and extremely difficult to track down, recursive references. That's not something that would be worth spending the time to try to detect and remedy automatically. And if left undetected, it could very easily make things go VERY wrong for users. So we felt the best option would be to just not allow it.

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