Any experience with RainMachine integration?

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Wed Mar 04, 2020 3:45 am
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Re: Any experience with RainMachine integration?

siclark wrote:
I've looked to see if there are hookups to other HA systems, especially where we could leverage via mqtt or node-red but consensus seems to be they are happy to let it run locally and no need. ... ...I definitely want the ability to run a zone on demand as some will be connected as required to sprinklers or hoses. However as the Pro has homekit and I can ask Siri on the Apple watch that probably covers most use cases.

I think your assessment is pretty accurate. It seems the API is primarily intended to aid in programming the RainMachine rather than controlling it is regular use.

I also have the need to run zones on demand for special reasons. For example, my pool refill line is controlled by the RainMachine and sometimes I want to give a zone a little extra water, or, for testing and working on the system. That is why I created the script I posted in this thread. For me, that does around 90% of what I need. The only feature missing is the ability to have Indigo know when a zone is on. That can be done by frequently polling the RainMachine, but that's really not the best way to do it so I am looking into some means (RainMachine SDK) of having the RainMachine push a notification when a zone changes state.

On a philosophical note, personally, I do not see why someone would spend the money for a completely automatic irrigation controller and then want to control it completely from some other system, like Indigo. If someone wanted that level of control, then why not buy a relay board and 24vac transformer and write their own system. But, that is just my opinion, but perhaps I am missing something.

BTW, I have the Touch-HD and, while not advertised as supporting HomeKit, it does.

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