Zooz17 + Doorbell + Smoke + DSC

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Wed Nov 02, 2022 8:33 pm
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Zooz17 + Doorbell + Smoke + DSC

Using a Zooz Zen17, I was able to adjust the way I get notification for doorbells and smoke alarms and add some redundancy.

My Basic Setup:
    Standard Doorbell -> Elk 930 -> Zen17 -> DSC alarm panel

    Smoke Detectors -> BRK RM4 Relay -> Zen17 -> DSC alarm panel

Adding the Zen17 to the mix helped with two issues.
    The Elk 930 only has Normally Open for an output and I didn't want to rewire my whole house. Using that as an input on the Zen17 with a NC output means I can put it back on the DSC alarm panel without seeing an "Open" zone (even though I programmed it as a Zone26 "Automation Zone")

    Adding the Zen17 between the RM4 relay and the Alarm panel fixed an issue where whenever I have to reset my panel, I was having issues with clearing out the smoke detector. I would have to disconnect the line, clear the alarm, then physically re-connect the line. Now I can disconnect via zwave by shutting off the relay. Or I can disconnect either from my alarm panel and use the Zen17 as an input sensor only.

Anyway, hopefully this is useful for anyone working on automating a standard doorbell or a wired in smoke detector system.

Note: Currently I have the DSC zones for smoke and doorbell bypassed while I run this thing through its paces and make sure I have all the parameters set right on the Zen17, etc.

Note2: The schematic I put together shows it wired directly to the DSC, but it's actually on 1 of the 2 expansion boards.
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