August Smart Lock Pro Doorsense Support

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Thu May 20, 2021 8:47 am
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August Smart Lock Pro Doorsense Support

I have the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect. I paired the lock via Z-Wave to Indigo, and I also have the August Home plugin installed, linked to the Z-Wave Indigo lock device, and the Doorsense device also setup/linked. Things work great, but I do notice that the August Home status for the lock and Doorsense lag (assuming because of the inherent polling delay with the August API).

So, my question is - is it possible to get the Doorsense status via Z-Wave similar to how I get lock status via Z-Wave? On forums for other home automation software, people seem to indicate Doorsense status is supported over Z-Wave. Is this an Indigo limitation and/or something the August Home plugin may be able to augment/improve? In the current implementation, the Doorsense device created via the August Home plugin doesn't react as quickly as I would like since it is dependent on the API and its laggyness.


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Sat Jun 12, 2021 4:26 am
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Re: August Smart Lock Pro Doorsense Support

You may have to ask the Indigo team. My plugin doesn’t do the Z-wave device, but I made it so you can link. I personally have a contact sensor separate from the DoorSense on my front door. But it would be great to not need this.

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Sat Jun 12, 2021 7:36 am
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Re: August Smart Lock Pro Doorsense Support

(moderator note: I moved these posts into the Z-Wave sub-forum)

Turn on Indigo's debug logging checkbox via the Interfaces->Z-Wave->Configure... menu item, then open and close the door a few times. Copy/paste the Event Log results into a reply for me. After that turn the debug logging checkbox back off.

Also re-sync your August Smart Lock and copy/paste the sync results into a reply for me (with no debug logging).


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