Security Spy Auto Activate DoorBird IR

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Security Spy Auto Activate DoorBird IR

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Version 1.0.0 of the plugin is now available which adds a feature allowing the IR light to be activated when the DoorBird camera is viewed within the Security Spy app / web browser. Download is here:

It's really annoyed me that I had to leave the Security Spy app and activate the IR light from the native Doorbird App or Indigo App whenever I wanted to view the DoorBird live feed at night. This feature fixes that issue.

The plugin monitors the Security Spy web log. When the Security Spy log reports that the DoorBird camera is being accessed the plugin activates the IR light (when the built in Indigo 'isDaylight' variable == False).

The log file only generates one event when you view the camera by itself. Therefore the DoorBird will switch off the IR light after 3 minutes... even if you're still viewing it. In that instance you will need to exit the camera and go back into it to re-generate the log entry. When using the app on the 'home' screen the log file is continuesly generated so the IR light should stay on indefinitely.

The feature can be enabled from the plugin DoorBird device's settings (advanced options). You need to provide the location to the web log (see below) and the Doorbird camera number assigned by Security Spy.

Please note: The Security Spy web log needs to be enabled within Security Spy. Preferences -> Web -> "Write log file of all connections". After enabling the log file you will need to open the Security Spy app or web browser and view a camera in order to generate the log file. The default location of the log file is '/Users/[YOUR USERNAME]/SecuritySpy/web/WebLog.txt'

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