Button -> light control function mappings

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Mon Jun 03, 2019 6:18 pm
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Button -> light control function mappings

I was experimenting with using Somfy remotes to control lights. Intended for shade controls, they have buttons with up and down arrows plus a "stop" / home button (see my earlier post for details).

First I tried a mapping that sort of copies the Insteon switchlinc dimmer functionality as follows:
Click Up = On
Click Down = Off
Hold Up = Start Brighten
Hold Down = Start Dim
Release Up = Release Down = Stop bright/dim

However, I found this to be rather unsatisfactory, since if you are trying to make a small change to brightness with a short press, it will get shorter to the point where it gets recognized as a click instead of a hold command, and that causes the light to turn all the way on or off. The result is a bit frustrating.

Next I tried this, though it is a bit different than the way Insteon local control works for SwitchLincs:
Click Up = Brighten by 3%
Click Down = Dim by 3%
Hold Up = Start Brighten
Hold Down = Start Dim
Release Up = Release Down = Stop bright/dim
Click Stop = Toggle On/off.

With this config, the click gesture naturally occupies its place as the shortest possible hold/release and makes a small incremental change to brightness. Surprisingly, even though it was different than local Switchlinc behavior I've used for years and years, I found this much more intuitive and satisfying to use -- I can arrive at desired brightness very quickly.

Also, if like me you have certain lights grouped together that you control using scenes, you'll be glad to know Indigo has recently added ability to send start dim, start brighten, stop dim/brighten, increase by 3%, decrease by 3% commands for scenes. So now scenes can now enjoy the same kind of control as for single devices and you can closely copy the experience that was previously only possible by using directly-linked Insteon devices.

Btw, the Somfy remotes do not seem to support any multi-click commands, at least as far as I've observed thus far.

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Wed Jun 05, 2019 3:48 pm
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Re: Button -> light control function mappings

Thanks for the report, and I'm glad those new Insteon scene commands are getting some use.


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