deleted HKB device, can't delete ghost devices in HK....

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Sun Mar 31, 2019 12:30 am
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deleted HKB device, can't delete ghost devices in HK....

First, let me say THANK YOU for writing t his plug-in. I had about given up on ever using HK.

So... I created and configured a HKB (v 1.0.2) and had about 9 devices working reliably. Then, I accidentally changed the device type of the HKB device, effectively deleting it from Indigo.

- I tried to restore it by creating a new HKB device with the same name, but it showed up with no devices.
- When I looked at HK on my iPad, it still showed all of the original HKB devices.

- Next, I restarted Indigo and rebooted the physical computer it is running on.
- Then, I restarted the AppleTV HomeKit is running on.
- Then I restarted my iPad.

- In Indigo, the HKB still shows no assigned devices.
- However, in HK (iPad), all of the old (ghost) devices still show.
- When I edit the devices in HK (iPad), the option to remove them is gone!

Any ideas on how to correct this problem? I'm stumped.
thanks in advance!

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