Indigo 3.0.0 Released

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Wed May 07, 2008 2:35 am
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Indigo 3.0.0 Released

Indigo 3.0 has been officially released and is no longer beta! Version 3.0 is a free upgrade for all Indigo 2.0 customers. Additionally, all existing 1.8 customers can receive a $90 discount towards their purchase of v3.0.

3.0 Download and Trial

After you download Indigo 3.0 and register for the 30 day free trial, join us on our forum to discuss the new features.

Native Thermostat Support

Indigo 3.0 now includes native support for the INSTEON thermostat adapter, including thermostat-specific triggers, actions, and Control Page elements.

Define Indigo INSTEON Scenes

Quickly and intuitively create Indigo controlled INSTEON scenes to command multiple modules at once.

Remotely Manage INSTEON Links and Scenes

In addition to creating Indigo scenes, Indigo can also remotely create and edit scenes between other modules.

Upload Support to the INSTEON PowerLinc 2414U

Indigo 3.0 can now upload user defined basic logic and schedules to the INSTEON PowerLinc 2414U computer interface (as well as the PowerLinc 1132CU). Once uploaded, the Mac can be turned off and basic schedules and actions will continue to execute. See the online help and this forum thread for more information.

SQLite and PostgreSQL Integration

Indigo's SQLite and PostgreSQL integration efficiently saves Indigo Device state changes, Variable value changes, and Event Log messages to either a SQLite database or a PostgreSQL database.

And Much More!

Other new functionality introduced in Indigo 3.0 includes:
  • Web server plug-in architecture
  • Improved Web server performance
  • User interface refinements
  • iPhone display enhancements
  • Support for INSTEON modules: OutletLinc, KeypadLinc Relay, EZIO6I Input Controller, EZX10RF Wireless Sensor Receiver, EZSwitch30, IRLinc Converter.

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