APCUPSD plugin version 0.5.2 released

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Tue Apr 04, 2017 8:05 am
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APCUPSD plugin version 0.5.2 released

The plugin code and documentation (README.md) are now hosted on GitHub. You only need to download apcupsd.indigoPlugin.zip.

Of note is that internally to the plugin its ID has now changed. That means that there is a migration for users of version 0.4.2 or earlier to go through! Hopefully the writeup on the migration in the documentation is thorough enough (and correct) to get existing users up and running without issue.

This is the first non-beta release since 0.4.2. There are lots of minor changes too, but the highlighted differences between 0.4.2 and this release are:

  • the external utility apcaccess is now found in either of its current expected locations
  • allow 'named' deviceID in addition to numeric ones for actions (such as from one of apccontrol's scripts)
  • device states now have more than just the first word of text: for example the driver state value now is USB UPS Driver instead of just USB
  • device states can now optionally (by default these are removed) include its 'units': Hours, Minutes, Watts, Percent, etc.
  • Event Notification Server thread no longer quits after the first timeout
  • several logging crashes were fixed
  • all known apcaccess utility status fields are now supported in the plugin
  • all apccontrol script event types are now supported
  • rearranged plugin configuration dialog fields for better grouping of related items
  • tooltips are now available in plugin and device configuration dialogs
  • new Query UPS for states button in the device configuration dialog
  • "future proofed" code from future Python updates
  • [re]start and stop the Event Notification Server when its preference is changed
  • major rewrite of the documentation (README.md)
  • integrated update checking
  • support for Indigo 5
For any of you running Indigo 5 wanting to use this plugin there is a section of the documentation that must be followed.


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