Indigo 3.0.0 Beta 6 Released

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Tue Oct 30, 2007 7:58 pm
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Indigo 3.0.0 Beta 6 Released

3.0.0 beta 6 is now available for download (the DMG is here). This is a beta, so be sure and make a copy of your database file before installing it. All the details about the PowerLinc V2 (2414U) upload support are here. Updates in this beta include:
  • Fixed Leopard (OS 10.5) incompatibility that caused embedded AppleScripts to report bogus syntax errors during compiling.
  • Fixed Leopard (OS 10.5) incompatibility that caused failure of Indigo's auto start on user login option.
  • Fixed Leopard (OS 10.5) incompatibility that caused startup failure of the built-in Web Server.
  • Fixed sprinkler scheduling bug that caused some actions to be repeated (only when the scheduled zone duration was close to or greater than the maximum zone duration).
  • Fixed sorting bug for Time/Date Actions when description column was selected.
  • Added built-in Web server plugin architecture for creating custom dynamic and static page requests handlers.
  • Added built-in Web server error logging to Event Log window for file not found requests, authentication failures, etc.
  • Added built-in Web server template file caching based on file modification date.
  • Added built-in Web server commands for restarting the Web server and clearing the template file cache.
  • Added new Trigger Action types to catch the All On and All Off commands from the RemoteLinc.
  • Added independent enable and upload options to Main Window UI for Trigger and Time/Date Actions.
  • Added ability to set default ramp rate for KeypadLinc.
  • Added new AppleScript verb: upload actions.
  • Added new AppleScript Trigger Action and Time/Date Action property: upload.
  • Added new AppleScript Action Step properties: sprinkler action, zone index, zone durations.
  • Added automatic client reconnect to server on Mac wake.
  • Added preliminary support for EZX10RF module.
  • Improved INSTEON link sync speed for RemoteLinc.
  • Improved built-in Web server performance for Intel Macs.
  • Improved robustness of initial Prism Reflector connection.

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