Twilio Immediate notifications

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Tue Nov 15, 2016 2:07 pm
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Twilio Immediate notifications

Immediate Notifications:

This method requires that your Indigo installation is accessible via HTTP. I did my testing using the Indigo Reflector. You may be able to get this to work with direct connections using port mapping, but I don't do that so I might not be able to help. This also requires that you have your Indigo remote login credentials (username and password) stored on the Twilio servers. I deemed this acceptable since I can use HTTPS to connect from Twilio to the reflector, and the reflector uses an encrypted connection to Indigo.

First, you need to install a Indigo Web Server (IWS) plugin. The v0.0.5 release of the Twilio plugin includes a simple IWS plugin. After downloading the new plugin, copy the "twilio" folder to your /Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo X/IndigoWebServer/plugins directory. See ... ugin_guide for more information. You will need to restart the Indigo server to enable the plugin.

Create a variable called "twilio_ping", set it to "False". Then set up a trigger for that variable changing to "True". In the actions for the trigger, execute the Twilio "Check for Messages" action, and then set the twilio_ping variable to False (or anything other than True, really).

Next, go to your Twilo phone number dashboard: Click on the Twilio number you want notifications for. Under Messaging, make sure it's configured for Webhooks/TwiML. For inbound messages, put something like

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in the URL field with "HTTP GET" selected. Put in your Indigo remote access username and password, and your reflector subdomain name.

Now, anytime an inbound SMS is received by the Twilio servers, that URL will be fetched. That will cause the ping method in the twilio IWS plugin to be called. Which will set the twilio_ping variable to true. Trigger on change for that variable. Done.

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