Loop Energy Monitors - UK

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Tue Apr 12, 2016 9:54 am
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Loop Energy Monitors - UK

I have been messing around with energy monitors for a while but these guys just blew me away!!

I am into week two with indigo and a beaten and humiliated Python noob.

I would like to link in the Loop sensors and Loop have said they are investigating an API but here are some projects underway:-


I lack the expertise to know if any of these looks promising to piggyback into Indigo.

Any suggestions, thoughts ideas?


background Info

see http://your-loop.com.

For clarity I have no affiliation with these guys other than I bought the monitors.

For £50 from Amazon.co.uk you get an Electricity Monitor and a Gas Monitor, both have 15 year batteries in them so connect to the meters and leave em alone.

A usb powered matchbox sized device with ethernet dongle and through port plugs into your router, I plugged the power USB into my router too to keep things tidier.

Anyway the iOS/Android/Web Apps all show current, historical data but also comparison on how you are doing against like users.

On top of that it 'knows' which tariffs/plans you are with your current supplier (done at setup) after 30 days of usage it then opens up the Switch options.

They have teamed up with USwitch and advise you, based on your real usage, where you could get the same energy cheaper and you can perform the supplier switch in the Loop App.

Anyway they have a Best Buy rating by Which? (for our US residents Consumer reports)

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Tue Apr 12, 2016 11:40 am
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Re: Loop Energy Monitors - UK

I trialled one of these last year and was looking at writing a plugin for it but two things stopped me: The first was that they don't support Solar PV (yet) and so it made a nonsense of my electrical readings and the second is that they don't have an official API (again yet). I did consider screen scraping the Loop Account Web screens but that is too fraught with maintenance issues.

The gas readings were pretty accurate though. :)

Another potential issue with The Loop is that they have a complete record of your usage. Whilst Smappee does have the usage info, it is anonymised in that it isn't tied to an account with a name and address.

Now that Smappee (which admittedly is more expensive) have produced a Gas meter reader, I am going with that. :)

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