Question on triggers

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Tue Jan 05, 2016 1:57 pm
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Question on triggers

Just wondering if / how people are setting triggers up?

I'd like to do something like, if motion is detected (Fibaro Motion sensor) in a room, then set temperature of that rooms TRV to x.
Then a delayed Action in 20 minutes to remove the override.

This (I think?) would mean that any time the motion sensor is triggered, it would set 20 minutes worth of heating.
Is that the case? Or will it just do 20 minutes and then switch it off. Then the next time it's triggered it'll do another 20 minutes?
I want it to set it to 20 minutes time each and every time motion is detected to avoid issues of someone sitting still and then the heating going off. So there would just need to be motion once every 20 minutes whilst someone is in the room for the heating to stay on.

Then also the issue is how to stop something like someone walking in and out of a room, then heating going on for 20 minutes with nobody in it?

Be interested to hear how you are integrating the Evohome with Indigo?

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Wed Jan 06, 2016 1:27 pm
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Re: Question on triggers

Despite writing the plugin, I haven't got around to integrating it into Indigo beyond just being there yet.

My plan is:

- Display zones on a CP (very similar to the controller itself)
- Boost button on CP, per zone, for 1 hour
- Integrate with DSC alarm and Beacon plugins - if we set the alarm on a Saturday morning, we're likely to be out all morning so knock back the heating. If we leave West Yorkshire we're likely to be away all day.

Regarding your motion sensors, I have a house script running every minute. The kitchen lights go off 2 minutes after lastMotion, the lounge lights go off 5 minutes after lastMotion, TV 15, etc ...

I'd be adding logic so there has to be multiple motions for more than 2 minutes before it activates the heating, and if there's no motion for X minutes then knock it off (or airfoil/sonos/iMessage an alert first).

If the lounge lights go off on you, but motion is detected within 60 seconds, they come back on as they were - so a quick Obi Wan Kenobi hand gesture ("You don't need to see our ID") is all that's necessary. That's not as useful for heating though unless you hear the TRV motor whirring.

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