keep android speaker app available?

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Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:09 pm
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keep android speaker app available?

Sorry for the beginner question, but I can't seem to figure this out.

I have Airfoil (5.5.2) running on the same mac as Indigo 7. Have both the Airfoil Pro and iTunes plugins enabled.

I have three Airfoil devices, the instance and 2 speakers-- 1 for the main audio output on the mac, and one for an Android speaker (Kindle Fire HD8).

I am trying to trigger an action set for Airfoil to play ONLY to the Android app (triggered via the alarm clock plugin). So my action set is
1) disconnect the mac speaker,
2) connect the android one,
3) Play itunes (I'll have to script itunes to get to the right playlist, but I haven't yet gotten that far).

There is a a reverse action for stopping the alarm clock on a CP button push:
1) pause itunes,
2) disconnect android/kindle fire speaker
3) reconnect main mac audio

The problem is, as soon as any disconnect command is sent to the Android app speaker device, it becomes "unavailable" to Airfoil, and can not be reconnected without navigating out of my control pages (I'm using DomoPad) and reselecting the Airfoil app on the physical device.

Am I missing some crucial setup step that allows Airfoil to still see a without playing to it? Is there some command other than "disconnect" that I am supposed to use to tell Indigo/Airfoil/iTunes to go back to the main mac audio-out and stop playing to the Android client?

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