Announcing the User Contribution Library

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Wed May 21, 2008 9:14 am
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Announcing the User Contribution Library


We've created a new User Contribution library on the website where you can upload your scripts/applications/plug-ins, and a companion Forum to support it. On the top of the User Contribution page, you'll find a link to submit your solutions. Here's the recommendations for submitting an item:

  1. Write a ReadMe.txt file that contains the information you enter in this form.
  2. Collect up all parts of your solution (ReadMe file, scripts, applications, etc.) into a single folder. Compress the folder into a .zip file by right-clicking (or control key-clicking) on it and selecting the Compress "Your Folder Name Here" menu item. This archive .zip file is what you should upload to the site. NOTE: to avoid any complications, please make sure the filename of the archive .zip file doesn't contain any spaces or special characters.
  3. Fill out as much of the rest of the form as possible; this will help potential downloaders understand if your solution is right for them before they download, install, and try it.
  4. If you don't have a website or blog of your own, you might want to post a new topic on the User Contributions Forum announcing the availability of your solution and then link to that in the "Additional Information URL" field. That way, users that have questions will have a place to go to ask questions and make comments.

Following these steps will make your submission more useful and allow you to get feedback and ideas on enhancements.

And, thanks for all the good contributions!

Matt & Jay

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