forgot ssh password of rpi..

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Mon Oct 07, 2019 11:19 pm
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forgot ssh password of rpi..

just in case (i forget again) ... spend 3 hours trying to remember my password for an RPI. i setup 2 months ago.

here is how I found it:

had an ssh command as an IOS short cut (written 2 months ago. .. The passwords are not visible)

Duplicate the short cut,
edit the shortcut and go to the password filed and a password selector pops up.
select the "key" not your email password and there keychain offers the pi password,
don't pick that one it would just put it in, select "other passwords".

THERE you find the iCloud stored passwords and the pi password with an (i) -- the ssh passwords are NOT in the keychain for web passwords(ie where you can look up the safari passwords)
click on the (i) and there it is shown in clear text.


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